Meet Joleen Baumann

Joleen Baumann  was born in Danube, MN and raised in Olivia, MN for much of her childhood.  After living in Texas for 17 years and through a life-long friend found her way back to Southwest  Minnesota and currently lives in Tracy, MN with her husband, Buddy and daughter, Shay. 


Joleen graduated with Honors from Minnesota West Technical College with an Associates Degree in Nursing in the spring of 2013. She has been an active EMT since 2010.  Joleen is a volunteer and founder of Operation: You’re Not Forgotten, which she formed in March of 2020 to assist the elderly and vulnerable adults in Tracy and surrounding areas during the COVID pandemic. Joleen enjoys spending time with family, doing crafts, and loves to make people smile.


Most of Joleen’s nursing career is in rural hospital, acute-care nursing where she floats from multiple departments.  She also worked in the clinic setting for 2 years as a RN. Prior to this she worked in Long-term Care for many years as a Certified Nurses Aide and a Trained Medication Aide. While working in these positions she couldn’t help but notice that there are many gaps when it comes to rural healthcare and living.


Many Seniors  have difficulty understanding their disease processes, medications, or simply making the changes to their medication regimens that were made by their providers; this increases readmission rates to the hospital, sometimes many times for the same problem.  Transportation and weather can also be difficult for the Seniors in our rural area, making it difficult for them to make it to their follow up appointments; this can lead to under and overdosing of medications, or a general decline in health due to not taking their medications correctly. These simple mistakes can lead to dizziness, falls, and trauma, ultimately  landing Seniors in the hospital and nursing homes. 


Joleen and Dasha are dedicated to prioritizing coordination of care and filling in the gaps of healthcare for Seniors. Family time is precious and they want to take the burden of navigating the healthcare system away from family,  and more importantly, prevent unnecessary hospital admissions while promoting independence of their clients. 

Meet Dasha Mumm

Dasha Mumm is a Registered Nurse and co-founder of Kindred Spirits Care Management.  She has dedicated her expertise supporting seniors and their families while they navigate through their medical journey with proper coordination, resources and advocacy. 

Born and raised in Southwest Minnesota, Kindred Spirits is rooted in her hometown, Walnut Grove.  Outside of the office, Dasha enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, decorating and attending music events.  


Her journey in healthcare started in long term care, with the majority of her experience coming from acute care, in a hospital setting.  She gained much knowledge working in a variety of departments in rural healthcare. 


Overtime, she has recognized the many challenges seniors and their families face within the healthcare system, especially in the absence of their concerned loved ones.  She strives to understand individual needs, goals and expectations, and encourages her clients to live their best quality of life in the safest way possible.  


Her love for the geratric population can be traced back to her youth, spending much of her time with her grandparents.  Her daycare provider was an elderly couple that were family friends, where she learned how to bake and enjoy accompanying them as they were volunteer drives for others in need.    


“It’s truly a blessing that I have the ability to form relationships and learn from those who have lived through many different changes and challenges in their lifetime.  Making their “medical-life” easier to understand and navigate is the least I can do for our seniors.”   


Offering guidance and services to seniors and their families is her primary focus and devotion.  Together Dasha and her colleague, Joleen look forward to meeting those interested in their services and are committed to filling in the gaps of healthcare, and missed opportunities to properly educate seniors and their loved ones.

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